Final Local Gathering & Checkpoint Timetable

Next Wave + Local Gathering & Checkpoint!

Saturday 20th of June from 13:00 @ Fact Music Pool Series – Barcelona

The Romanian musical scene is growing day by day, offering us countless producers and DJs of the best quality, this naturally leading to the FACT Music Pool Series’ desire to support this cause by inviting Next Wave, Local Gathering and Checkpoint to add a spice to the Off Week spirit. In order to have a truly unforgettable musical journey, these 3 promoters booked a big part of these talented Romanian artists, completing the line-up with the best local DJs and of course, Francesco del Garda. We can assure you that you’ll hardly find events with such musical journeys and for that, we invited the following crew:

As the music will start at 13:00, you will find Francesco del Garda playing at the Next Wave stage, one of the most complete DJs these days, an artist that had a continuous growth. He managed to stay in the top line for the past years with a very special vibe, combining sophisticated instruments with powerful beats that lunched him in the hearts of the public. Local Gathering and Checkpoint will start to party on the sounds provided by FACT heroes Rick Maia and Javi Sampol as they will be lead by the founder of Local Gathering, Zotist, for a serious b2b session that you will catch for the first time.

As these artists still play their b2b, Next Wave presents us Barac, one of the best young Romanian producers at this time, who had several releases in the past couple of years on labels like Pressure Traxx, Naural, Mtrz, just to mention a few. He is also an excellent DJ that provides us a new and different vibe that helps him in creating a special connection with the people he’s playing for, this being one of the main reasons of the fact that he is so appreciated by the public.

Coming after them, you can either listen to Kozo b2b Dan Andrei (Local Gathering), or you can dance to another special Romanian b2b, the participants being Priku and Cezar (Next Wave), four really experienced DJs that will offer you the kind of unique spirit you require for a sunny afternoon at the pool. Representing the first wave of legends of the Romanian scene, one of their best qualities lie on their ability to offer something new everytime, surprising even those who know their music well, the other one being the amount of own productions they can play as they each have a big variety of tracks with different styles.

We continue with a very special exclussive new live act performed by SIT, consisting of two perfectly balanced young artists, Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia. Delivering their imprinted sound, they will take us on a musical journey of top quality, thanks to their amazing productions and a very careful selection of wonderful beats.

As the end of this marvelous event will come, we will still have the opportunity to spoil ourselves on the groovy sounds of Gescu and Piticu (Local Gathering), as we can enjoy a wonderful b2b with two artists with an incredible love for the music. Nice vocals and a bomb bass is what they deliver and we cannot be happier for the joy we are about to experience on the courtesy of these two. And of course, let’s not forget about Next Wave’s Very Special Guest, “an artist that doesn’t need any introduction” but one who everybody waits for to listen every single time, a DJ with one of the best mixing skills in the business that will go down with a 3-hour set that none of the participants will ever forget.

Stage 1: NEXT WAVE!

VERY SPECIAL GUEST + Cezar / Priku / Barac / Francesco Del Garda


SIT (Live) (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia) / Kozo / Dan Andrei / Piticu / Gescu / Zotist / Rick Maia / Javi Sampol


Photo Support: Valeriu Catalineanu photography –

Representing Romanian Club Culture.

Professional Video Projections & Mapping: Deboot Studio.


Entry fee: 25+3.15 euros in advance / 35 euros at the door..

Guestlist available till 01:00 AM No exceptions! ?!?


Next Wave, the iconic Ibiza brand which is currently taking over the world with it’s upfront sound will include Barcelona as one of it’s exclusive destinations. The location of choice will be FACT Music Pool Series on what will undoubtedly be one of those days to remember for a long time

Local Gathering event planning is based in Romania and is a solid player in the underground music scene with an experience of over 3 years and at the highest level in Bucharest and in other major cities across the country. Now LG will be spreading their wings internationally with the goal to create and promote a consistent number of the finest Romanian artists.


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Final Next Wave Timetable